GMDN Agency

The GMDN Agency is responsible for the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) used to identify medical devices.



  1. Make the most of your account: Useful links

    We want to make it easy for users to navigate our website. Get quick access to important features of your account with some useful links to get you started. Save the page to come back to for ease.

    27 Jan 2022 · Feature
  2. UK Government to recommend use of GMDN following consultation

    Global harmonisation and patient safety was taken into consideration during the consultation. Read more about the report recommending the use of GMDN in the UK.

    27 Jun 2022
  3. Retirement announcement: GMDN CEO, Mark Wasmuth

    After 12 years with the GMDN Agency, our CEO Mark Wasmuth has chosen to retire. The exact timing of Mark’s retirement is likely to be dependent upon the appointment of his successor.

    20 Jun 2022
  4. The value of a globally harmonised nomenclature for medical devices

    The GMDN Agency has a core role in facilitating greater harmonisation and supporting shared data to benefit regulators, manufacturers, healthcare professionals and the public.

    07 Apr 2022

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