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  1. GMDN 2023 Stakeholder Survey and Interviews

    GMDN values your insights and invites you to take part in an online stakeholder survey. Read more...

    15 Jan 2023 · Feature

  2. Make the most of your account: Useful links

    We want to make it easy for users to navigate our website. Get quick access to important features of your account with some useful links to get you started. Save the page to come back to for ease.

    27 Jan 2022 · Feature

  3. GMDN Category Versioning Support is Here to Enable Long-Term Data Analysis​

    More details here...

    16 Jan 2023

  4. CTs (Categories, aka Collective Terms) Translations Update

    Read details about the translation of GMDN into key world languages...

    15 Jan 2023 · Service Notice

  5. Manufacturers EMDN Service updated

    The list of EMDN terms used in the service now includes a match for GMDN Terms for IVDs. Find more details about the EMDN service here...

    15 Jan 2023 · Service Notice

  6. FDA and Health Canada joint regulation submission pilot uses GMDN

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is partnering with Health Canada to launch the joint eSTAR pilot. Requests for participating in the pilot are now open.

    15 Jan 2023

  7. 2023 Virtual Strategy Workshops for Regulators and Manufacturers

    Please register your interest in taking part in our strategy workshops by emailing

    15 Jan 2023 · Case Study

  8. Update on GMDN Governance

    An Authorities Strategic Advisory Group committee has been established to provide advice and feedback to the GMDN Agency and the Board of Trustees. Find out more...

    07 Dec 2022 · Service Notice

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