NICE ‘approve’ innovative products, already captured in GMDN Terms

UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is introducing a new medtech funding scheme, the Medtech Mandate, which was proposed in the 2019 NHS Long Term Plan.

The mandate, which does not apply to pharmaceuticals, is intended for selected medtech and digital innovations that conform to the NICE’s medical technology guidance and have demonstrated cost saving potential.

The four products (and their GMDN Terms) to qualify in the new scheme are reported to be:

* ‘SecurAcath’ from Interrad Medical Inc (Wearable percutaneous catheter/tube holder - 56631)

* ‘HeartFlow Analysis’ from HeartFlow Inc (Vascular modelling web-based application software - 61213)

* ‘gammaCore’ from ElectroCore Inc (Migraine-therapy peripheral nerve electrical stimulator - 58832)

* Placental growth factor (PIGF) based tests to help rule out pre-eclampsia (Placental growth factor (PLGF) IVD, - GMDN Codes available for different test methods)

The use of the GMDN by many global regulators has encouraged manufacturers to work with us at an early stage of product development to created accurate and timely generic descriptions for their products. This should speed up product identification and support rapid adoption of new technology.

More information about the funding scheme can be obtained from the NHS Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC), which will be tasked with reviewing NICE guidance and identifying products likely to qualify for support.