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  • Colombia selects GMDN
    The National Institute of Surveillance of Medicines and Food (INVIMA) of Colombia has announced its new information system will use GMDN. We have been supporting Colombia in this implementation.
    23 Sep 2022
  • What is UDI?
    The Unique Device Identifier (UDI) is a number allocated to a product label. It is used to identify the manufacturer and other important product safety information. Read more about the benefits that UDI supports....
    22 Sep 2022
  • GMDN Update: Brazilian Portuguese Translations
    The GMDN has been updated to include Brazilian Portuguese translations. This will help to improve accuracy of assignment and drive forward the greater use of GMDN in Brazil.
    22 Sep 2022
  • TGA Consultation
    Detailed considerations for implementing the proposed Australian medical device UDI regulatory framework: A third UDI consultation paper from the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Good Administration)
    31 Aug 2022 · Promotion
  • UK Government to recommend use of GMDN following consultation
    Global harmonisation and patient safety was taken into consideration during the consultation. Read more about the report recommending the use of GMDN in the UK.
    27 Jun 2022
  • Retirement announcement: GMDN CEO, Mark Wasmuth
    After 12 years with the GMDN Agency, our CEO Mark Wasmuth has chosen to retire. The exact timing of Mark’s retirement is likely to be dependent upon the appointment of his successor.
    20 Jun 2022
  • The value of a globally harmonised nomenclature for medical devices
    The GMDN Agency has a core role in facilitating greater harmonisation and supporting shared data to benefit regulators, manufacturers, healthcare professionals and the public.
    07 Apr 2022
  • Adding value to medical device’s master data
    The GMDN forms a critical element within an organisation’s master data strategy. The use of a single recognised nomenclature allows accurate insights to drive innovation within the industry.
    07 Apr 2022
  • The growing benefits of one medical device nomenclature
    Having one medical device nomenclature provides confidence to all organisations or individuals that the definitions of products are globally recognised, leading to enhanced patient safety.
    07 Apr 2022
  • Support for manufacturers needing an EMDN Code
    If you are a manufacturer that needs an EMDN Code for registering a product in the EC EUDAMED database, you may find our EMDN Service useful. Get a ‘best match’ suggestion for GMDN codes..
    25 Mar 2022 · Feature